A podcast is a great way to engage new audiences and promote your products and services. I produce podcasts and vodcasts for corporate clients and a successful true-crime podcast with 10,000 subscribers. I'll deliver a professional podcast you'll be proud of with no worries.

Proudly Associated with BP plc

We support two series of podcasts, the Innovator Chronicles and BP Incubation, and we provide post-production facilities for BP's brands and suppliers.


True Crime Drama & Documentary

I write, present and produce two true-crime podcasts. Psycho Killer and The Six O'Clock Knock combine my journalist's nose for a story with a detective's powers of investigation. Together we look into historic crimes, cold cases and the world's most infamous murderers.

Podcast Partners UK

I founded Podcast Partners UK with my former colleague, BBC presenter Karl Cooper, with a mission to support budding podcasters.

Check us out. We'll soon have you podcasting like a pro!

Podcast Partners UK